Thursday, June 27, 2013

Neat Stuff!!

The above images are just a sample of some of the neat stuff that's available in our Moms of Trauma Fundraiser Sale!  The cards at the top were made by me and feature some of my own photography work. I personally think they're pretty neat!

All proceeds from this fundraiser will help to fund outreach efforts and scholarships for moms who are parenting extremely difficult children...children whose lives have been shattered by early childhood trauma and now bear deep psychological and emotional wounds.  With these funds, we will be able to find and support more moms as well as help some really deserving moms who really need the break but don't have the financial means on their own be able to attend our annual Moms of Trauma retreat this fall.

If neat stuff and tasty treats aren't your thing, we gratefully accept cash donations in any amount as well.  Donations can be made by clicking that "Donate" button below.  When many help a little, we can accomplish a lot!

By all means, PLEASE help spread the word about our cause and our fundraiser.  We're keeping it short so as not to uber annoy all our friends and family, so getting the word out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible is vital to our cause.

We appreciate your support!

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